Getting started with Express Reporting Services 2005

Posted by dragon on Friday, 30 September 2011

Downloading and installation

  1. Download SQLEXPR_TOOLKIT.EXE from this page after you selected the languag
  2. Download and install ODBC Firebird driver from here.
  3. Create a DSN: see here
  4. After the SQLEXPR_TOOLKIT.EXE the start menu directory, between the others, the voice Microsoft Sql Server 2005> Sql Server Business Development Intelligence Studio. Clic on it.
  5. Will be opened “Visual Studio 2005” IDE . Up in the Standard bar of the instruments clic on New Project, or in the Initial Page clic on Create Project. Give a name to the new project.
  6. Will appear "New Project" window. In the left pane select "Business Intelligence Projects". In the right pane select "Server Report" wizard. Give e name tho the project. Ok. Now you'll see report wizard window. Clic next.
  7. Now you have to set Data origin. Give it a name. From the combo "Type" select ODBC. Clic "edit". It will appear Connection properties window. Select "use connection string". Clic on "Generate" button. Ok. Will appear the connection string window. Next. Will appear Query project window. Write a simple query: select*from YourTable.
  8. Next. In the window Select type of report select, for simplicity, Table. Next. In the window Planning Table the fields of the table will appear to you, on the left side. Leave all as it is. Next. In the window Chose table style you can choose between the types of style listed, but it is clear that if you will not follow the guided procedure you can personalize as you want the styles of the report. Next. In the window Completion wizard you may give a name to your report. Therefore the end.
  9. To add a new report, in explorer solutions select Report folder and right clic Add report. you'll see report wizard window. Clic next. Now follow the steps from 9 to 10.
Therefore you have created your first one report with the Reporting Services. In the argument we will see how to use the report with the control reportviewer.

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